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Licensed Public Adjusters

We are public adjusters with years of experience dealing with insurance claims. When experiencing a loss of property, often times unexpectedly, a person needs a truly dedicated ally to protect their interests during the insurance claim process. Stronghold Adjusting offer that kind of loyalty and are an advocate for the rights of you.

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We Are Insurance Claim Experts

With years of experience, our public adjusters are educated on the claims process and insurance policies. We take the hassle out of filing a claim and make sure you maximize your settlement.

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No Recovery, No Fee!

We don't get paid unless you get paid. Our main goal is making sure you are fairly compensated for your loss. Don't settle for less, let us maximize your claim payout.

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When an emergency occurs you don't have time to wait for tomorrow. We will be your ally and close by your side through the entire process.

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We work for you not the insurance company

Our adjusters solely represent your rights and make sure your interests are protected in a time of loss.
Here are just a few of the services a public adjuster provides:

Claim Management

Let us handle filing all the paperwork for your insurance claim and take the burden off your shoulders. We prepare documentation every step of the claims process.

Free Policy Review

Review your policy FREE! New Claims, Old Claims, Denied Claims, No problem! Let us review your insurance claim from top to bottom. We are an advocate for your rights and backed by a team with years of experience.

Property Indemnification

Make sure you get the compensation you deserve and restore your life back to normal with the help of our expert adjusters. We will get you back to pre-loss conditions.

Loss Recovery

Dedicated ally to protect your interests during the insurance claim process. We represent your rights through every step of the claims process and make sure you receive entitled compensation.

Damage Estimates

Insurance claim estimates don't have to be tricky. Our expert public adjusters are trained to spot the most subtle of damages and provide a thorough report on losses so you don't get shorted a single penny.


Our technical ability to thoroughly assess and document damages and prepare professional line-item cost estimates plays an important role in successfully pursuing your appraisal. Our ability to accurately present your claim to the insurance company’s Appraiser and the Umpire greatly increases the success in your claim.

Fire Damage

Fire damage to your property can be a big problem no matter the size. Often times the extra damages that is caused by smoke, soot, and water are overlooked.

If not properly found and repaired this can lead to future damages to your property. Failure to repair these damages in most cases would not be covered under your policy if future problems arise.

  • Fire Damage Claims
  • Smoke & Soot Claims
  • Water Damage Claim
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Smoke Damage

Fire is almost always followed by smoke damage. Smoke contains hydrochloric acid which is very corrosive. If left unchecked it can be very damaging long term to a structure. Additionally, heat from the fire builds pressure and pushes smoke into further locations and can have a surprising area of effect. Properly inspecting and defining the scope of damages can greatly increase your claims payout.

Smoke Damage Can:

  • Lessen Life of Mechanical and Electronic Equipment
  • Reach Remote Locations Often Overlooked
  • Cause Corrosive Long Term Damage
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Water & Flood Damage

Flood and water damage are often seen as similar, however they are classified as completely different perils. They can both require unique steps in filing and often the biggest challenge is properly categorizing the loss.

Water damage is one the most common types of claims and in the top three for costs to repair. Damage to your property by water can be extensive and cause long term effects if not properly mitigated. Failing to properly repair after this type of loss can often lead to your insurance company denying you compensation for future damages. This is why its important to have an expert on your side to thoroughly inspect your properly and help take measure to prevent further damage.

Water Damage Can:

  • Warp flooring, tiles and wood
  • Stain your ceiling and walls
  • Promote Harmful Mold Growth
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Hail Damage

Hail damage on average causes over a one billion dollars in damage to policyholders every year. Hail can cause lasting damage to your home and wipe out millions of dollars of worth in crop damages.

Far to often policyholders don't know what to look for when it comes to hail and will take a settlement much lower than the actual cost of damages. Hail damage can be hard to spot at first and will weaken your roof leading to leaks and future damages. Even worse the insurance company wouldn't cover these future problems because the initial cause was never properly repaired.

How to Spot Hail Damage:

  • Look for damage to plants, trees and foliage
  • Dents to your car or gutters
  • Ripped or broken windows and screens
  • Damage to siding, shingles, or bricks
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Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes can be on of the most devastating damages to your home and finances. The lasting effects can put your out of income and even a home. Policyholders are often not ready to handle such claims due to the scale and shear complexity of their process.

Taking care of your family and allowing you to recover is the number one priority. It is essential to understand your policy and take all the steps to protect your insurable interest. Having a trained public adjuster how is familiar with the process can be paramount to your claims success.

What to do after a hurricane:

  • You & your family's safety is #1
  • Call Us First
  • Take Lots of Photos
  • Keep detailed spending records
  • Don't discard damaged items
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Tornado & Windstorm Damage

Tornado damage can be a disastrous situation to deal with. If you suffered from a tornado then you know first-hand and the chaos that can occur. It can be hard to know where to start when your property has been completely demolished.

Having an expert by your side can make the process much more successful and remove the stress of having to file all the various documents with your insurance company. One of the challenges with a totally destroyed property is preparing documentation of all your belongings. Not only do you have to list everything you have lost, but you must also prove reasonable value to the insurance company. Hiring a public adjuster and taking simple preventive measures can greatly increase the success of your claim.

Ways to protect yourself from loss:

  • Keeps receipts of major purchases throughout the year
  • Often Take a quick video walk through of your property
  • After a loss take any steps to prevent further damage
  • Don't discard damaged items
  • Hire a professional when dealing with a major loss
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Public Adjusters Can Increase your Payout over 500%

On average hiring a public adjuster to help settle your claim can increase the payout over over 500%.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster can be your greatest tool to maximize your insurance claim and protect your rights during a time of a loss.

We are your advocate to obtain the maximum settlement for any type of insurance claim. The insurance company's adjusters and the "independent" adjusters are hired by your insurance company to solely represent their best interest; the adjuster's duty to his employer (the insurance company) is to limit the insurance payout, meaning you get less than what your entitled to. At Stronghold Adjusting, we work only for you and we manage every phase of preparing and presenting your insurance claim properly to insure you get everything you deserve covered under your insurance policy.

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Stronghold adjusting is backed by years of experience. We have trained staffed that know the claims process in depth. It takes a trained eye to spot some damages and we make sure no area is unchecked. Our main goal is making sure your interests are protected. If you don't get paid, we don't get paid.
It is true the insurance company will send out an adjuster, but this adjuster's sole purpose is representing the insurance company not you. At the end of the day their job is to minimize your payout or even worse deny the claim entirely. A public adjuster will work the insurance company adjuster to negotiate on your behalf with your interests first.
A public adjusters is a licensed professional to represent your best interests during a property insurance claim. Unlike the insurance adjuster sent by your insurance company, a public adjuster works on your behalf, not the company. In most cases a public adjuster will greatly increase the success and payout of your claim. However like any claim it comes down to the situation specifics, you can always get a free consultation without any commitment.
Yes! On average a public adjuster can increase the payout of your claim over 500%. This is because a public adjuster is specially trained in the claims process to perform comprehensive inspections and extensive reports making sure you don't get short changed.
We can still help! Just because your claim was initially denied doesn't mean your out of options. Denied claims are the most common type of claim we get. A claim denial is not final and can be reversed. Using one of our expert public adjusters we can properly present your case and get you paid.
It's not too late to get a higher payout. A public adjuster can help you reopen and renegotiate your claim with your insurance company for a higher settlement. However after receiving compensation it can be more difficult to obtain a higher settlement. This is why its important to contact a public adjuster before filing your claim.

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