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The claims process can be very complicated, 99% of claims are underpaid. Let us help you get the full value of your loss. Remember we are here to work for YOU not the insurance company, so don't settle for less and get what you are entitled to. Having an expert handle your claim will greatly increase your success.

Public adjusters work on your behalf and are contracted to solely represent your rights during the claim process. Insurance companies are still businesses and that means they need to turn a profit. To policyholders that means denied claims. If the insurance company paid out more money than they brought in, there would be no insurance companies. Often this means policyholders get denied critical funding in a time of need for the companies bottom line.

A public adjuster is hired to make sure that never happens to you. There are numerous ways a public adjuster can benefit you. A few are listed just to give you an idea.

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What public adjusters can do:

  • Coordinate property damage inspections and estimate all losses.
  • Notify the insurance company of your loss and ensure they have proper documentation.
  • Prepare & file all documents to enforce your claim for payout.
  • Set all appointments with insurance company staff and compile require reports.
  • Review your policy to ensure you get maximum claim coverage.
  • Negotiate with insurance company on your behalf for fair settlement.
  • We don't get paid unless you get paid

We handle all claims

Our claim experts are seasoned veterans in the field that have years of experience in a variety of claims. Whether your a homeowner, small business, cooperate company, or building owner we can help.

Residential Claims

Dwellings which includes the residence premises and attached structures.

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Commercial Claims

Building damage, loss revenue, business interruption.

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Industrial Claims

Industrial plants, factories, large scale facilities.

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Public Adjusters Can Increase your Payout over 500%

On average hiring a public adjuster to help settle your claim can increase the payout over over 500%.

We can Maximize your claim

A public adjuster can be your greatest tool to maximize your insurance claim and protect your rights during a time of a loss.

We are your advocate to obtain the maximum settlement for any type of insurance claim. The insurance company's adjusters and the "independent" adjusters are hired by your insurance company to solely represent their best interest; the adjuster's duty to his employer (the insurance company) is to limit the insurance payout, meaning you get less than what your entitled to. At Stronghold Adjusting, we work only for you and we manage every phase of preparing and presenting your insurance claim properly to insure you get everything you deserve covered under your insurance policy.